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Driving Core Motive™ is the ONE thing that determines our results, both personally and professionally. It is the driving force behind actions. Most of us don’t realize how much of our lives are determined by unconscious motives and reactions instead of intentional choices. People Code helps you identify your Driving Core Motive™ and how your innate patterns may be affecting your results – both positively and negatively. Discovering why we do what we do including the unconscious motives that drive us can make all the difference. Understanding “why” can be very empowering and help you achieve your desired success.


The teams that thrive today are agile. That means they can adapt to current trends, business needs, and complex dynamics while accelerating productivity, creativity, and innovation. If your team’s performance is in need of some tweaks – despite having great talent – Taylor Hartman’s team of experts can help you identify the cause and what to do about it. We’ll be able to expose and address internal conflicts and give you the tools to continue to build trust, productivity, and loyalty. Set up a free consultation and let us help you determine which of our workshops will best help your team in their specific stage of development.


With talent retention such a top priority, the importance of positive company culture is hard to overstate. We know that company culture determines whether prospective employees want to work there, whether current employees want to stay, and whether everyone is engaged and productive. The question is how to build and sustain a great company culture. The People Code and The Character Code helps by creating clarity with what people in your organization need to keep them fulfilled and growing. We’ll be able to provide insights into what attracts, motivates, and retains productive, engaged employees.

The People Code

The People Code Training is monumental for increasing your Emotional Intelligence and better understanding yourself. It starts with helping you determine your Driving Core Motive. This is unique to any other personality profile as it determines why one does what they do. Next, we’ll work on better understanding yourself, focusing on your strengths and what you bring to any team, organization, and/or relationship. We then provide a framework that helps you best utilize these strengths while also recognizing limitations that may be stopping you from achieving your goals in life. Finally, we explain all the different personality types and how you can best work with each one. This sets you up for success with any relationship, including your most difficult ones. This course has over thirty years of proven research that supports the efficacy of our work. Sign up today!  

The Character Code

The Character Code is the next step in your personal development. We begin the process by helping you start to do the things that you truly value and help you value yourself with all your strengths and limitations. If you are struggling finding contentment in your current roles, this course is for you. Next, we’ll help you learn the principles of life that will better understand and provide clarity to your blind spots. Those things that you may not be seeing due to your unique personality and perspective of life. This clarity starts with our Character Code assessment that receives feedback from others on how your interactions influence them. It gives you accurate feedback to the things you are doing to improve your relationships and achieve your goals in life and things that you may be doing blocking you from moving to that next step. The remainder of the class is provides you tools to help you focus your life on what matters most to you and help you keep those commitments. This isn’t always easy to do. The new understanding of your Driving Core Motive can provide key insights that help discover how to balance those things that are most important to you. Then you’ll be able to use your gifts to influence your teams, organization, and business that bring the best in them and in you.


Like most organizations, you are probably facing high demands with fewer resources. Jobs are cut, workloads are heavier, responsibilities are more expansive and the pressure can be paralyzing, but coaching helps overcome these complex job shifts. Whether it is adjusting to mergers and acquisitions, bringing in new hires, or managing executive career transitions, the effects of coaching are invaluable and widespread.


Organizations hold retreats for a number of reasons. Whether to build a collective concept or identify challenging issues limiting success, efficiently run retreats can produce remarkable results for teams that are willing to roll up their sleeves and do some hard work.

People Code management, leadership, and executive retreats provide current and future leaders with an opportunity to Regroup, Recharge, and Recommit to their organization’s success.


We routinely provide speaking services to large conferences in need of Keynote Speakers and Break-Out Session Facilitators. We also cater to smaller groups who may be looking for a speaker to kick off a company meeting in a fresh, new way. Our keynote speeches are usually delivered from the stage or a podium and typically run about one-hour in length but can be expanded or contracted depending on your group’s needs. We incorporate the use of crisp visuals, humor, and illustrative move clips (time-permitting).


Whether internally (employees) or externally (customers), no business is ever better than the quality of people it keeps. Learning what motivates you, your employees, and your customers lies at the core of your success. Nobody knows people better than Taylor Hartman Enterprises and The People Code. We tell you not only what they will do, but also why they do it and give you the tools to overcome challenges. You can trust the whys that we find behind your people’s behaviors.  
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