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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Like most organizations, you are probably facing high demands with fewer resources. Jobs are cut, workloads are heavier, responsibilities are more expansive and the pressure can be paralyzing, but coaching helps overcome these complex challenges. Whether it is adjusting to mergers and acquisitions, bringing in new hires, or managing executive career transitions, the effects of coaching are invaluable and widespread.

Executive and Small Business Coaching

No team is better than its leader. If leaders are not congruent within themselves, they will never be able to read incongruence in others. Every leader on a team is ultimately responsible for creating effective or dysfunctional teams. Leaders alone create promise or poison through their decisions and actions. Whether it is eventually realized through their employees’ performance or their customers’ loyalty, people generally get what they deserve.

Few people are truly self-aware, and honest self-awareness becomes even harder to achieve the higher one climbs on the leadership ladder. It requires both humility and trust to invite our process in, but your company will always produce better top and bottom lines if you do your work and lead out in this process.


Our executive coaching helps you maximize your potential and unlock increased productivity as a leader. 

Leaders who engage a leadership coach gain:

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching aims to enhance the performance of an individual, team, project or organization, especially to establish and achieve desired goals, whether they be goals for individual, team, project or organizational development.


Take the Color Code Personality Assessment with Full, Comprehensive Analysis:

(Participants will complete the assessment online and prior to the training) –Participants will have immediate access to his/her 20+ page, Comprehensive Analysis after completing the assessment


After our on-site Color Code workshops, we work with participants on specific communication problems and challenges they have with their employees, co-workers, and managers. The principles of effective communication are outlined in training, and the specifics are dealt with through personalized coaching. During the last hour of the workshop, we assist participants in developing a personal action plan for developing effective communication habits and resolving specific issues with employees, co-workers, and managers.


Build your leadership and interpersonal skills by learning about yourself and other’s core motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. Empower yourself with the tools to understand and communicate effectively.

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