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People make or break a business. Whether internally (employees) or externally (customers), no business is ever better than the quality of people it keeps. Learning what motivates you, your employees, and your customers lies at the core of your success. Nobody knows people better than Taylor Hartman Enterprises and The People Code. We tell you not only what they will do, but also why they do it. You can trust the whys that we find behind your people’s behaviors.

Business is about making a contribution while creating a profit. Winning in the business arena requires a unique balancing act of strategy, execution, and people. What many people don’t appreciate is the creative juggling act that successful business leaders perform on a daily basis.

Ultimately, they must piece together a rather tricky puzzle that provides bottom-line results with top-line growth. All of this necessitates paying attention to people. Both top and bottom lines in business are strongly tied to the people factor.

How does motive-based training positively impact the top and bottom lines in business? How will our consulting process improve your competitive advantage?


Sometimes leaders just simply don’t get people. They don’t understand them, so they focus on other areas where they have expertise—strategy or execution. Some leaders may have little interest in the human element or find it too unpredictable for their comfort level.

We know people. We understand their driving core motivations. We see both their strengths and limitations. We know everyone’s innate wants and needs. We teach individuals how to play to their strengths while working on their limitations. People can and do change as they become “charactered”.


Since our early beginnings, we have been a vital resource to many diverse companies. The people factor is never simple. Developing a legitimate culture of respect and accountability requires our mutual commitment to true principles and people. Our process blends our unique understanding of people with consistent focus on sound principles.

Perhaps the reason consulting process leads in providing longevity is that we get at people’s core motives rather than dealing with merely behavior. We teach transparency, congruence, and accountability. All principles are central to helping the various personality types become legitimate and effective interpersonally. “


As consultants, we recognize the powerful primary role that key leadership plays. We participate by taking an important supportive role. With your leadership and our process skills, together we create a legitimate, high-performance culture.

Before Taylor Hartman Enterprises ever signs a contract to consult with a client, we meet to determine if the leader is willing to do his/her own personal work as an integral part of the process. In order to succeed, we need your commitment….Professional Coaching

Research shows less than 50% of all mergers and acquisitions achieve the results and returns that front-end analyses would suggest. Communication breakdowns, cultural mismatches, and other “people” issues are often the culprits. These so-called “soft” concerns are commonly neglected in the due diligence and integration phases.

Because Taylor Hartman Enterprises strives to be a long-term, strategic business partner with its clients, we are intimately familiar with not only the business context of our customers’ organizations but also with cultural and other “people” issues that so often derail mergers or acquisitions. With this background knowledge, we can perform appropriate due diligence to assess the fit between the two cultures and evaluate and overcome the barriers to integration success. Because we take the time to get to know key leaders and contributors in your organizations, we are situated to assess, select, and develop individuals poised to lead and manage the integration process. Further, our broad experience facilitating such situations while simultaneously applying Motivation Science prepares us to help you develop effective engagement and communication plans to ensure employees on both sides are both clear and excited about the future of the merged organization.

We collaborate with our clients to coauthor and implement a systematic, comprehensive Integration Plan that incorporates culture, organization structure, and business strategy components. Working closely with key contributors, we help build in accountability and cross-organizational problem solving through Care & Accountability Teams (CAT Teams). Process checkpoints and continuous feedback loops are included to ensure the plan can be fine-tuned as necessary. We also often combine this solution with Leadership Development Programs or Teambuilding, involving participants from both organizations to foster collaboration, cultural assimilation, and the use of a common framework going forward.

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