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Give the gift of insight this holiday season?

This gift card gives the recipient access to the Full Hartman Color Code Report for just $24.95. That’s half of the original price for our latest, interactive personal relationship tool!

This year has been a tough one. The circumstances have forced some of us to spend a lot more time with each other or find unique ways to connect. The Hartman Color Code Profile can help you better understand yourself and how you can better relate or connect with those around you. First, it will help you identify your Driving Core Motive. This is key to understanding why you do what you do. Understanding you Driving Core Motive helps you know what will give you your “Air” to breath in your relationships.

In the Hartman Personality theory there are four main types. Reds motivated by Power, Blues motivated by Intimacy, Whites motived by Peace, and Yellows motivated by Fun. Give the gift that will help your friends and loved ones better understand themselves. Afterall, the Driving Core Motive comes with you at birth and doesn’t change throughout your life.

Give the gift that allows you friends and loved ones to find out who they really are!


People whose core motive is Power need to move from A to B. They need to get things done. Depending on your situation with a global pandemic, this can be a bit frustrating. People with this personality type get frustrated when they are not able to move from A to B. It usually isn’t anything personal, they just need the “Air” of Power to breath. If you think you have a friend or loved one with this personality type, give them the gift of the full Color Code Assessment.

The fifteen page report will provide a full break out and percentage of each of the colors. It will identify your Driving Core Color and your Secondary Color.


People whose core motive is Intimacy are driving by deep and meaningful connection. If this is you or your loved one, they need to have time to connect. They care deeply about the people in their life. Intimacy can be difficult socially distancing oneself. There are ways that this personality type can get their “Air” to breath, the first step is to identify if this is your Driving Core Motive.

The report will help you to identify your “Need” and “Wants”. This can help provide you insights to things you can do and change to better connect and work with those around you.


Those people whose core motive is peace are very easy to get along with. They have clarity and perspective that brings insight to stressful situations. These are our White personality types. They are great to offer those words of wisdom and bring tolerance and acceptance to those around them.

The Hartman Color Code Report will provide a list of things they can start doing and things they can stop doing to improve their relationships both personally and professional as well as those they care deeply for. Give the gift that keeps on giving.


Our last personality types, but certainly not least are motivated by Fun. They are so enjoyable to have around the holiday season. They bring excitement and life to the parties. They’re charismatic dispositions bring people together and connect in fun and exciting ways. There are some things about this personality type as with each of the other personality types that may also frustrate those they love.

This gift card gives them access to full list of their strengths and limitations. What drives them in their daily lives, what they can do to utilize their gifts, and ideas of things that maybe harming their relationships today.

Help your loved ones this holiday season discover who they really are!

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