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Episode 51:
Victims, Villains, and Heroes


Episode 51: Victims, Villains, and Heroes

Taylor and Cathy discuss the difference between victims, villains, and heroes and how we play these roles in our lives. Other topics include insecurity (and how it relates to dysfunction), clean vs dirty motives, and what it means to be outward vs inward facing.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Very Best of Living will be taking a short break. This episode concludes Season 1. Taylor and Cathy will be returning with Season 2 soon. They would love to hear feedback from listeners about what you liked about Season 1 or what might need improvement. New ideas for episodes or show direction are also welcome. To be alerted when episodes become available, please subscribe to the podcast. Also, if you feel so inclined, write us a review to share how the podcast has benefited your life.

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