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Episode 13:
Motive Part 2


Episode 13: Motive Part 2

Taylor and Cathy continue the discussion on motives, clean versus dirty, and a variety of situations including win-win, win-lose, lose-win, and lose-lose. They explain the importance of motive in every step of the Charactered Path.

Exercise: Take the Character Profile at TaylorHartman.com to identify strengths and weaknesses or look over the list of strengths and weaknesses and circle the weakness that hinders your life the most. Then, find the strength that you feel combats that weakness and try to incorporate it into your life. Observe your motives as you go through this process.

The Charactered Path

1) Value self

2) Seek truth

3) Clean up motives*

4) Focus your commitments

5) Discover balance

6) Serve others


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