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The Taylor Hartman Institute

We are a Research based mental health institution powered by Core Motives. Dr. Taylor Hartman’s work over the last thirty years is pivotal to getting to the root of people and relationship issues to start people on the path to recovery and living their best lives.

We provide trainings for current Therapists to better understand how to use The People Code and The Character Code in their practices. We also collaborate with the best mental health professionals.

If you need counseling, personal and family coaching, marriage and family therapy, addiction, mental health you’ll be able to find solutions with us. We have a wide network or trained professionals who can offer the best help to empower you to deal with life and find the joy of living.


Mental Health and Hartman Color Code Personality tools

If you are a licensed Psychologist or practicing therapist this course is for you. Dr. Taylor Hartman will be teaching the ins and outs of The People Code and how to use it in your practice. This two-day training will cover how to use the Hartman Personality Profile. What to look for with each of the personality types, how to get the best results with each of the colors.

Common issues with each of the colors and how to handle them.

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