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people code personality test

by Dr. Taylor Hartman?

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The Hartman Personality Profile is the most accurate, comprehensive and easy to use personality profile you will ever take on yourself. Every other profile is only behavior based (what you do), while this profile explains your driving core motive (why you do it). Once you know The People Code you can never see yourself or others the same again.

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for you

Understand your personality. Why do some things upset you and others don’t? What is your innate driving core motive? Learn why others respond to you the way they do. What is it that creates conflict in your business and personal relationships, and how can you change it?

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for teams

Discover how personality types interact with each other. Learn how each personality engages teams, business and life situations. Understanding others is a key component to effective leadership.

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for couples

Learn how to re-connect with your partner. Why does he seem so disconnected? Why does she seem so bossy? Understanding your partners’ motives, needs and wants will greatly enhance your relationship.


“Often imitated but never duplicated. This is the original, the authentic People Code test.”

-Dr. taylor hartman