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breakthrough barriers
build effective working relationships
boost performance

Relationships are Hard,
in Leadership and in Life.

Moving people from Individual mediocracy to
engaged members of high performing teams isn’t
easy. But motivating people based on what you see
them do doesn’t work.

We Can Help

We teach a leadership philosophy and provide you with systems and processes to recognize and overcome self-imposed limits. Grow as a leader and create a culture of Corporate Character.

Does Your Organization Face These Issues?


Turnover costs associated with replacing a highly trained employee can set a company back as much as 2X that individual’s annual salary.
( Bersin )


A business with 100 employees spends an average of 17 hours a week clarifying communication, translating to an annual cost of $500,000+.
( Vocoli )


82% of employees don’t trust their boss to tell the truth.
( Edelman Trust BarometerBersin )


50% of employees lack a level of meaning and significance at work.
( The Energy Project )


1,000,000 employees miss work each day due to stress.
( AIS )


$37,000,000,000 is lost annually due to unproductive meetings.
( Industry Week )

People Problems Are Costing Businesses Billions of Dollars

Build a Culture that has shared Corporate Character

A People Code expert will introduce key concepts, share their own stories, and provide tips and tactics to get you started on your core motive journey.
Develop a shared vocabulary and insights into your own personality. Practice the People Code process: Get yourself, Get over yourself, Get others. We’ll walk you through the application and implementation of how you and your team can apply the principles daily to achieve productive and relevant goals.
A customized strategy session for leaders with limited time. In as little as two hours, we’ll work with your executive team to have conversations that get results, enable you to achieve personal and professional goals.

What is People Code?

a leadership philosophy based on caring personally while challenging directly.

Practices to create cultures of Diversity infused with Inclusion.

Strategies for building a cohesive team

Tools to help you and your team get stuff done with less drama.

It's not a license to excuse bad behavior.

It’s not an invitation to manipulate others.

It’s not just for business — we all want to succeed in leadership and in life.

People Code:

a global phenomenon

The Book that’s Reshaping Relationship Management

a leadership philosophy based on caring personally while challenging directly.

very useful!

“I have read quite a few self-help books on relationships & marriage and did not seem to find my husband or my relationship/marriage in any of them. I was a bit discouraged. A friend recommended this book. It is great. It is not specifically on marriage, but it helped me understand personalities. AND I found my hubby’s personality in this book! Yeah! It was also useful dealing with coworkers, family & friends. There is a quick quiz in the book that is fun & easy. It’s a great & helpful book!”


“I have found The People Code to be fascinating because, for me, the insights discussed in the book ring true. When reading this book, I was able to finally understand the driving force behind what motivates a person to do or say the things they do. I was able to easily identify myself, and finally am beginning to understand my own motivations. Of course, I initially read the book to help me understand the people around me; in this it has been invaluable. It helps me to appreciate the strengths of others in my life who have different motives than me. It helps me work around their weaknesses. And since I now understand myself a little bit better, I can work on my shortcomings as well as celebrate my innate strengths.”

In 3 Easy Steps, We Can Train Your Team:


Call us at 1.833.5PP.CODE or email us so we can talk about your challenges.


We’ll create a training to overcome your biggest problems.


After training, we’ll help you define an execute a strategy to get moving again.

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