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this original personality profile was pioneered by dr. taylor hartman


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This profile will tell you more about yourself than any other profile you will ever take. First know yourself. Learning to see yourself accurately is the only way to improve your life.

True self-awareness is the foundation for all emotional intelligence. Once you understand your innate driving core motive and other’s personalities, you can never see the world again in just black and white.

Be honest when taking the Hartman Personality Profile. When you struggle selecting any of the answers, don’t worry. Pick the one most acceptable. It will not taint your overall score.

Be sure and choose the word that best describes you as a child or your earliest recollection.

TIP Hover over the words to see the definition if you question the meaning of a word. If you want a quick FREE way to take the Hartman Personality Profile that will give you your innate primary core color and a brief description of your color and what it means, select the box.

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Or for just $29.99 you will get a completely customized 10-12 page report that is designed just for you. This Profile comes complete with a pie chart showing you your scores for all 4 colors, your strengths and limitations, and information on to enhance every relationship in your life.

You will be shaking your head and wondering, “How could he possibly know me so well?”

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“Discovering your personality is your own mystery thriller.”