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The Character Code Training


The Character Code is the next step in your personal development. We begin the process by helping you start to do the things that you truly value and help you value yourself with all your strengths and limitations. If you are struggling finding contentment in your current roles, this course is for you. Next, we’ll help you learn the principles of life that will better understand and provide clarity to your blind spots. Those things that you may not be seeing due to your unique personality and perspective of life. This clarity starts with our Character Code assessment that receives feedback from others on how your interactions influence them. It gives you accurate feedback to the things you are doing to improve your relationships and achieve your goals in life and things that you may be doing blocking you from moving to that next step. The remainder of the class is provides you tools to help you focus your life on what matters most to you and help you keep those commitments. This isn’t always easy to do. The new understanding of your Driving Core Motive can provide key insights that help discover how to balance those things that are most important to you. Then you’ll be able to use your gifts to influence your teams, organization, and business that bring the best in them and in you.