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What the taylor hartman personality test colors mean?

Each color has its own unique meaning. Learn how to interpret your color test results.


The People Code test and quiz allows you to see yourself and others in a way you never have before

Once you “get yourself” with our corporate team building in Sandy, Utah,  it changes your self-awareness and provides tools for effectively connecting with others. This is an experience that you will want to share with all of your friends. You’ll understand so much about yourself and those around you.



Is your core motive power? Power is the ability to move from point A to point B and get things done. This is what drives a Red. They have the gift of vision and leadership and generally are responsible, assertive and productive.

Reds need to look good intellectually, be right and be respected. They are strong leaders and love challenges.

Do things go better when you are in charge?

Corporate Team Building, Sandy, UT
Business Consultion Services, Sandy, UT


Is your core motive intimacy? Are you most happy when loved? Then you are probably a BLUE. Blues crave intimacy. Connecting, creating quality relationships and generally being sincere and thoughtful are what drives a BLUE.

Are you most happy when you are loved?

BLUES need to have integrity and be appreciated in relationships. They are focused on quality and creating strong, meaningful relationships.


Is your core motive PEACE? Are you a diplomat? Are you a zen master? WHITES are the peacemakers. Peace is the ability to stay calm and balanced even in the midst of conflict. They bring great gifts of clarity and tolerance and are generally kind, adaptable and good listeners.

Whites need to be accepted and treated with kindness. They are logical, tolerant of others and objective.

Personality Assesment, Sandy, UT
Personality Test, Sandy, UT


Is your core motive FUN? Are you FUN? Yellows are the epitome of living life in the moment. They bring great gifts of enthusiasm and optimism and are generally charismatic, sociable and spontaneous.

Yellows need to be noticed and feel freedom. They love life, social connections, being positive and are spontaneous.