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Birth of a Lifetime


Birth of a lifetime

Every great adventure begins with a single step. Sometimes that single step is obvious and easy to remember. Looking back, my adventure began with as single question derived from working with my patients. The field of psychology is notorious for vague responses to specific questions.

I became a psychologist to help people and people need specific answers to their life questions. People can’t improve or solve problems they don’t see or don’t understand. The most constant question an effective psychologist asks is why.

Unfortunately, most training in my field is tied to how and “behavior-based”. While behavior-based therapy plays a role in helping people solve life problems, it often remains superficial in its effectiveness. I cared about my patients. I cared about providing answers to legitimate questions. Those answers didn’t come from my training. They just weren’t there.

I decided to do my own research. My curiosity led me on a remarkable adventure beyond my wildest imagination. Where it led me was to a powerful understanding of why people do what they do. I discovered the very core of what motivates every human being from their driving core motivation that they bring within their innate souls from birth.

However, speaking of motivations—here’s my first obstacle to overcome. I am motivated by FUN. Doing this research while working full time and managing family life was challenging. I had discovered a powerful personality theory and now I wanted to go play. But clearly my work wasn’t done. Just when I thought my work was done, it had miles yet to go.

What followed was a bunch of stops and starts. I began the arduous ask of writing a book to convey my findings for the world. The last thing this guy wants to do was write a book. I actually told my colleagues at the university where I taught that if anyone of them wanted to write it, I would never claim it was my discovery. I was that determined to be done and free from the burden. My colleagues were determined for me to develop my character and finish what I started.

So I began putting down my insights on yellow pads. Computers were relatively new (yeah, I’m THAT old!). I wrote my book long hand. Three of my close RED colleagues offered to mentor me through the process and I wore each of them down until they finally gave up on me. I remember one of them would meet me at 7 a.m. to review what I had written and coach me. I called her at 11:30 p.m. to cancel the next morning. She called me back and said “You didn’t do your writing did you?!” I told her the truth and she said, “Come and we will talk about it.”

Eventually, I wore her out just as I had everyone else. We all knew I had discovered something very special, but I resisted completing the task. Ironically what made me do my work was my wife. She told me we would not be going out on our weekly date night if I didn’t finish a chapter every week. It’s crazy reflecting back on what caused me to get the book written. The very essence of what I had researched and discovered about personality was the ultimate motivation for me to finish. I wanted FUN and in order to have fun I had to finish my work first.

I would get up at 4 a.m. and write so we could go out on the weekends. My colleagues and friends continued to help me by editing my work. When I completed my writing, a great friend told me that it was such terrific content but in the worst shape he had ever seen laid out in a book. Consequently, he realigned my chapters such as you read them today with his sequential brilliance such that my work could be easily understood.

Just as I was completing my work, my wife and I were in a horrendous automobile accident that nearly took our lives. I suffered severe head trauma. While I was recovering, we decided to go to Hawaii to rest and recuperate. One week after we returned, I decided to review my book written on yellow pages for one final edit. I couldn’t find the book. My wife asked me when the last time was I saw it. I remembered that I had left it in a sports bag under a bench at the Los Angeles airport when we flew home from Hawaii.

I called the Delta agent and asked her to go outside and check to see if it was there. She wouldn’t leave her post but ultimately agreed and found it. This was before 9/11 and security was much less stressed than today. I still laugh when I tell this story suggesting the content wasn’t even worth someone stealing it before it was published.

I asked the agent if she could mail it to me, but my wife quickly intervened and told me I would get in the car and drive 45 minutes to pick it up myself. Sheesh! And the rest, as they say, is history.

Understand how others perceive you and how to play to your strengths rather than fall into patterns that limit your success or damage your reputation. This knowledge can better prepare you for career advancement opportunities now and far into the future.

Why not me?


Why not Me?

Life is challenging. So often when our lives don’t make sense or seem overwhelming, we ask “why?” or “why me?” Often we miss the point. A much more helpful question would be, “why not?” or “why not me?”

The point of this life experience is to become—to evolve—to learn. If life never offered us any trials or tested our resolve, what would we have known differently about ourselves when life was over? If I am not able to discover the message in the challenge I have missed the opportunity and the moment. Sometimes it comes around again, when I’m hopefully more willing to see the point and other times the opportunity is lost.

The three places I always recommend checking for the source of my challenges in life are first, myself. Is this something I am creating and if so, why? If it is me, I can take 100% responsibility for resolving the challenge. Insecure people lacking in humility usually struggle to see themselves as responsible and thus remain vulnerable to recreating unnecessary challenges they never resolve. The healthier you become, the more willing and capable you are at “owning” the challenges you create. Recognizing your role in the challenge, gives you the ability to resolve any problem you create.

The second source of challenges comes from other people. Learning to resolve these conflicts requires setting boundaries so other’s limitations can’t seep into your life creating chaos. Meanwhile you can offer insight, understanding and compassion to other’s who are unable or unwilling to sort out their dysfunction.

Lastly, life is about learning and overcoming and becoming your best self. Often, God, becomes a source of your challenges. He is undoubtedly hoping you will embrace the message and meet the challenge in order to lift your game and gain more confidence and capability. Don’t ignore the compliment that He is offering by bringing new growth opportunities your way.

I can promise a life much more rewarding and fulfilling when you ask “why not me?” In fact, I don’t know another way to become the person you were always meant to become. 

Very Best of Living, 

Dr. Taylor Hartman

Power of People


Power of People

In business, people are our greatest assets. The success of a company depends on how our people effectively work together. People and their strengths and abilities when working together can create marvelous things. Look around you and you’ll see all the marvelous things we humans have created. From mobile phones to airplanes, from computers to skyscrapers and everything in between. The things we create are remarkable! At Taylor Hartman Enterprises we celebrate and embrace the power of People.

Leaders of today have an obligation to help those they lead develop their very best selves. One key part of this responsibility and influence is understanding themselves as leaders. Then they can better understand others and work on overcoming those limitations that are preventing them from achieving success. We have found it all starts with core motive. If you are familiar with Dr. Hartman’s work you’ll know all about the four personality colors and the correlating core motive. If not, I’ll introduce you. There are four: RED: motivated by Power, BLUE: motivated by Intimacy, WHITE: motivated by Peace, and YELLOW: motivated by Fun.

When I was first introduced to these concepts, I was living in China working as a consultant developing products for some of the top companies in the world. I had a great job and worked with some incredibly talented people creating world-class products. But I was not happy. My relationship with my spouse was struggling and I was not taking care of myself. It was hard for me to remember the last time I did something I really enjoyed. Then I met Dr. Hartman and was introduced to The People Code. I began the journey of understanding myself. When I first took The People Code profile my results came back RED, motivated by Power. Then I continued to do some self-discovery work and found I am actually WHITE, motivated by Peace, but had learned some of the strengths of REDs from a RED mother.

This new-found knowledge was the key to unlocking my very best self. It allowed me to celebrate my strengths and see more accurately my limitations. It brought clarity to my needs and wants. I became more efficient at work, communicated more clearly to my team at work, and made time for the things I enjoyed doing. The framework found in The People Code and Character Code showed me how I could be my very best self as a leader, spouse, and individual.

We, at Taylor Hartman Enterprises, understand that organizations are made up of People. Those people each have an underlying core motive that is unique to them. When we understand each other, starting with understanding our individual core motive, we are poised to create magical things. The best organizations we’ve found embrace all of the four personalities. They create cultures where their people, their greatest assets, can learn from one another and share their strengths while recognizing their limitations. One core motive is not better than the other. They all have strengths that contribute to a better organization.

We are excited to share our research and stories about The People Code and how it will help your organization and business become more efficient and productive, communicate more effectively, respect and appreciate each other, and create an environment that will keep and protect your most valuable assets.

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